IT CAN be a potentially difficult exercise revisiting a well-liked production later in its run. Will it still retain the charm of first viewing?

Fortunately OYT’s Jack – a 33-minute play with almost no words, adapted from the 1807 publication of Jack and the Beanstalk – presented no such worries.

Already well honed, visually dynamic when it was first performed back in March, the play has grown in subtle, almost incalculable ways in the intervening period, picking up 11 awards along the way.

The performances have gained extra levels of articulation and understanding. The puppetry was handled deftly and it is great credit to Kyle Nicholas that Jack appears almost as a living, breathing boy.

Jack Simmonds’ score continued to impress. It was the musical heartbeat, perfectly mapping the shifting movements of the play.

This was a rich, exquisitely presented, aurally dynamic experience.