A PERFECT setting for this play is matched by the usual professional delivery by the company. Set in 1930s Athens with appropriate music of the era, the fairies of Shakespeare’s play are now portrayed by clowns led by Puck (a captivating Suze Avery). Another innovation by director, Ken Hann, is to have a female Bottom (Jenni Watson) whose actions contribute to the fun generated by the play within a play.

The four young lovers (William Baggs, Kate Grundy, Carl Browning, Susannah Lawther) give athletic performances involving much horse-play and chasing.

The use of magic potions is well exercised by Oberon (Ruben Sanchez-Garcia) and Titania (Rachael Courage). Indeed, there is not a weakness in the whole cast with all the performers ably demonstrating clear diction in the open air.

What foresight by the company, also, to have a multitude of colourful umbrellas as props!

Runs until Saturday.