TO celebrate 25 years, Debut Youth Theatre are revisiting their first show The Mikado. This production made a virtue of its minimal scenery and props, the spectacle created by performances and striking costumes.

Wendy South directed a well paced and structured show, brilliantly served by its adoption of kabuki tricks such as dramatic entrances and exits. Musical director Rachael Thorpe adapted the score with skill. The updated libretto by Nicky Paterson was a nice touch.

Ellen Sly made a charming Yum-Yum, her Three little maids with Ella Sims (Pitti-Sing) and Ann-Marie Cummins (Peep-Bo) was a delight.

Marta Brodzka showed fine comic skills as Pooh- Bah and Conor Chambers and Dominic Sly were fun as Nanki-Poo and Ko-Ko respectively.

Lucy Baston was stunning as the revengeful Katisha – her face a white painted mask – she stalked the stage like an angry spirit.