A COLLECTION of artists verging on the end of their youth will crash into The Point in celebration of art and the naff, trash ’90s that influenced them in Lucky Dip – an evening of new work on Tuesday.

But don’t expect to see East 17 swaggering around in their Puffa jackets or Anneka Rice running around in her Lycra.

No, instead this is a chance to see some of the most contemporary experiments of the 21st century in performance.

Presented by exciting young performance company Milk Presents, Lucky Dip forms part of The Point’s From Scratch nights and will feature cuttingedge and inventive artists and companies in the region, showcasing work-in-progress performances and in-development new pieces.

This evening of music, storytelling and theatre will be hosted by scarily energetic Patricia Blunt (Point associate artist Nicky Bellenger) and will include performances from ShadyJane, David Sheppeard, DJ Jimi Needles and cutting-edge band Hot Talk as well as a scratch performance of Milk Presents new show A Real Man’s Guide to Sainthood.

From Scratch nights offer audience members the chance to see some of the latest and innovative work while in development stage. They will be given the opportunity to offer up their thoughts and feedback on the performances and play a part in the creative process.