TINA Turner in her prime would have been made up with that performance.

Rarely is a leading lady so perfectly cast as Emi Wokoma who positively sparkles in this fabulous musical based on the music, life and times of Ike and Tina Turner.

Rarely off stage, she performs every note and every move to perfection.

From the moment the superb band struck the first chord of Private Dancer to the triumphant final note of The Best, she had an impressed audience hanging on every word she said.

A pared-down version of The Beatles’ Help, a triumphant River Deep, Mountain High and a singalong What’s Love Gotta Do With It showed off her immense talent.

Chris Tummings was suitably vile as her violent husband as their marriage begins to crumble at the height of their musical success.

The backing dancers were brilliant, the costumes dazzling and the simple set extremely effective.

But it was Emi, in her central debut, who had more than 1,000 theatre-goers on their feet for a spectacular finale.

She’s The Best.