Cinderella on Ice, Kings Theatre Southsea

1:45pm Tuesday 10th April 2012

By Tessa Castle

THE timeless beauty and romance of Cinderella takes on a whole new dimension when mixed with the expert skill of The Russian Ice Stars at The Kings Theatre.

From the first stirring strains of the music the audience is treated to a plethora of stunning ice dances which put you on an emotional rollercoaster.

Some are bursting with energy, movement, and even comedy while others hold the audience spellbound by their grace, beauty, and passion.

The clock scene in particular uses lighting and movement with dramatic effect while turning the pages of a storybook to change the set is ingenious.

Each dance is totally unique with a stunning array of lifts and impressive aerial sequences, which, despite the relatively confined space of the Kings stage, leave you awestruck by the feat in front of you.

Valeria Vorobyeva is faultless as Cinderella with her skill translating into a smooth and graceful performance. Strength and determination is portrayed in perfect details by the Prince played by Valdis Mintals while comic capers from the spiteful Sisters and Stepmother add a touch of humour.

But it is the aerial acrobatics of husband and wife team of Alexander and Ekaterina Belokopytova which had me transfixed.

Every time the wire descends from above the anticipation in the audience becomes palpable as they realise they are about to witness another impressive acrobatic feat.

The circus-trained pair take to the air effortlessly spinning high above the ice before descending with perfect precision. They are truly mesmerising and in one instant, due to their costumes almost hypnotic!

This is not the first time The Russian Ice Stars has brought its show to the Kings and it is a triumphant return proving that a vast stage is not needed when such a talented troupe lace up their skates.


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