IN THE last two years, The Pink Place has gone from strength to strength – and the ladies behind the ground-breaking charity now have even bigger plans for the future.

The charity gives women who have breast cancer, and those who have experienced the disease, a chance to get pampered in a relaxing and friendly environment a world away from medical treatments and hospital appointments.

Since opening the doors in September 2010, the charity has helped more than 100 women to cope with the many challenges cancer can bring.

Founder Janis Taylor said the team are thrilled to have helped so many people in the salon in Taylor's Hair & Beauty Salon, Wote Street, but they are keen to expand to help many more in the future.

She said: “We would love to have our own premises where we could offer more treatments and see more people.

“We’re fundraising at the moment and we’re looking at about £100,000 and the ongoing funding to keep it running.

“The demand is definitely there. It’s amazing to see the difference in women after they come to The Pink Place.

“Sometimes they walk through the door looking terrified, and it’s wonderful to see them looking so happy by the time they leave.”

Trustee Lindy Richardson agreed, saying the charity, which doesn’t charge for any Pink Place services, offers treatments tailored for women who have experienced cancer.

She said: “For many women, losing their hair can be incredibly traumatic. Women who have lost their hair, and which is not growing back the same, can get it dyed and styled however they want, and we also work with wigs.There are also private treatment rooms where they can have their hair shaved off.”

Although The Pink Place hasn’t yet had a male client, men who have experienced breast cancer are also very welcome through their doors.

Janis said she hopes in the future, with new premises, to go beyond breast cancer and to start offering treatments to anyone who has undergone and form of the disease.

She said: “I would like one day to see a Pink Place in every town and city.”