A HAMPSHIRE couple are trying to raise £50,000 to give their son a normal life.

While two-year-old Abe Astur’s friends are running around, jumping and climbing things, he relies on a walking frame and needs supervision.

Born ten weeks premature he suffers from spastic diplegia, a form of cerebral palsy which makes his leg muscles very tight, restricting his movement.

But parents Leigh and Gavin want to send Abe to the USA for a life-changing operation.

Leigh, 35, of Manor Farm Green, Twyford, said Abe is still too young to understand the full impact of his condition.

She said: “He is a very happy child because he is not aware of having any limitations, although he gets quite frustrated when there’s something he cannot do.

“His condition means that as he gets older it will get more difficult for him because his muscles will shorten and could cause problems with his hips and joints.”

She added: “It affects us more because we see other children doing what he should be doing. He cannot run around and play like any other child or go climbing or sledding, and he cannot even walk from room to room independently.

“His walking frame gives him some independence but he needs an adult to help him.”

Leigh, who works for IBM, said they wanted to go to America because it was a common procedure there. She said: “It’s a major operation. If you put your children through that you wouldn’t go to a pupil, you’d go to the master.”

Abe would also need up to a year of intense physical therapy afterwards to ensure his muscles rebuild properly.

Leigh, Gavin, 38, and Abe’s sister Thea, 4, are starting the campaign with a sponsored walk around Abby Gardens, Winchester, on Saturday, November 17.