TWO OF the three dogs that are on “death row” with just days to live have been granted a stay of execution - after a Daily Echo appeal.

As reported in the Daily Echo on Saturday, three dogs at the Stubbington Ark faced being put down because staff at Stubbington Ark said the trio of hounds have gone “kennel crazy” - a term used when dogs do not react well to being locked inside a cage and start pacing and barking non-stop.



Now, Lexi, is a 15-month-old female Staffie, who has been in the centre for three weeks, and Marcus, a three-year-old Doberman, have both found potential owners.

But Bo, a four-year-old white male Staffie crossbreed has not yet found a new owner.

Currently his progress is being monitored weekly, but there is still time to home him according to Vanessa Eden, head of fundraising at the shelter.

She said: “We just want someone who already has experience with dogs and can give Bo a loving home.

“He is full of life and he gets very excited and he is very good with other dogs on walks.”

“The phone was ringing non-stop on the weekend and we can't thank the Daily Echo enough.”

Anyone wishing to offer a home to the dogs should ring the RSPCA Stubbington Ark on 013 2966 7541