RADIO and television presenter Emma Forbes dropped in on the former nanny of her children to help launch a new clothes shop for kids.

Little Hampshire, based at Fullerton Barn in Fullerton near Andover sells ‘pre-loved’ designer and quality high street clothes for girls and boys aged up to ten.

The company is the brainchild of business partners Lucy Riley and Lucy Lidell, who say they both have a shared love of dressing their children beautifully.

Lucy Lidell said: “I had a garage sale last year selling my children’s clothes and there’s such a market for recycling clothes with the recession.”

Lucy Riley, who used to be nanny to Emma Forbes’ children, added: “We feel it’s a lovely location in the middle of lots of villages.

“We have lots of designer makes and high street makes, we’re trying to get away from that whole charity shop feel to second-hand clothes.”

As well as clothes, shoes, treats, gifts and bespoke party bags the shop can sell clothes on behalf of customers, splitting the return 50/50.

Emma said she was delighted to help open the new enterprise as she herself, along with her journalist sister Sarah Standing, had created the boutique children’s fantasy shop Semmalina in London.

The shop is open on Tuesday and Thursday from 8.45am to 3pm during term times.