A WOMAN may suffer a permanent tendon injury in her right arm after it was cut in a row with her previous boyfrend when he punched the glass in the front door, which shattered.

Southampton Crown Court heard Maddison Piper was expecting a child by Gavin Buckle, who she had shared a four-year, volatile relationship with, which had ended shortly before the incident.

She pushed him outside the house in Mount Pleasant Road and he became “angry and frustrated” when she told him he would play no part in the baby’s life.

Prosecutor Rachel Robertson said Buckle put his fist through the glass and grabbed her arm, pulling it through.

Buckle, 25, of Cross Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight, admitted wounding and was jailed for 12 months.

Recorder Edward Burgess – who read a supportive letter from Ms Piper – heard he had 13 previous convictions, one of which was for assaulting her.

Charles Cochand, defending, said: “The wounding was not malicious, he did not intend to harm her.

"It was an angry reaction.”