THE people of Hamsphire have decided on a name for Marwell Wildlife’s baby giraffe.

After thousands of votes the Rothschild giraffe was named Dubaku, which won 42 per cent of a public vote.

It is an African name which means “seventh child”, chosen by keepers because he is the seventh calf of mum Matilda.

Giraffe keeper Sara Taylor said: “Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote for our new male giraffe.


"It’s always difficult picking a name that all the team agree on, so we appreciate the help.

“Matilda has proven to be an excellent mum once again and is always keeping a close eye on Dubaku.

"He is very confident and loves it outside rain or shine! He can often be seen running around with the other new arrivals.”

Dubaku is now two weeks old and is one of three born at the Colden Common park this year, following females Ruby and Olympia in January and August respectively.

The Rothschild species is very rare with less than 670 living in the wild.