THE speed limit on a notorious Hampshire road will be reviewed following a major campaign.

Almost 1,000 residents signed a petition demanding that Alan Drayton Way and Fair Oak Road, in Bishopstoke, were made safer.

Accidents happen regularly on Alan Drayton Way, according to campaigners, and dozens of youngsters cross it every day to get to Stoke Park junior and infant schools.

Lead campaigner Natalie Stanfield had the problem brought home to her when a car crashed through her back garden from the road, destroying a playhouse.

Luckily her children were not playing in the wooden building at the time – but the collision was the start of her mission to get the speed limit changed from 40mph to 30mph.

Now Hampshire County Council has agreed to include the road in their county-wide programme for changing speed limits next year.

It is a move welcomed by Eastleigh MP Chris Huhne, who has backed the campaign.

He said: “The speed limit along this road needs to be changed – only in the last few weeks there have been three accidents, one involving a child being hit.

“Thankfully she suffered no injuries, but having seen the way traffic hurtles down Alan Drayton Way, the county must take action quickly to reduce the speed limit and make the road safer.

“Natalie and other residents who live along this road should not have to put up with this constant danger on their doorstep.

“Hopefully now the county have admitted there is a problem, we will get some action on this.”