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    southy wrote:
    peenut81 wrote:
    Shoong wrote:
    southy wrote:
    Lone Ranger. wrote:
    As we have seen before .... Smith will do anything possible to grab the headlines ....... and the sad thing is ... the Echo is very happy to accomodate him and his propaganda.
    Perhaps Smith and his Lemmings cant stand the fact that the current Council can and do negotiate and communicate with Unions.
    Perhaps its time that the beaten Tories considered replacing their continually failing and unpopular leader.
    Perhaps there is some truth in the Unions claims that the Echo IS politicallt biased in favour of the Tories .......... How sad
    They all ways have been, talk to some of the press men and most will tell you, its a capitalist world in control
    'capitalist world in control?'.

    What the hell does that mean?

    Do us a all a favour before you make a complete donut of yourself, put the pointy tin foil hat back until you can come up with something worth sending in. You sound like a 13 year old X-Files fan boy.
    Southy refers to the fact that as a system of social-economic and therefore political relations the world is defined by Capitalism (as opposed to feudal/theological or slavery for eg.). The means of production fell in line long ago, the establishment during the 19th century but the post war world and in particular the post 1989 world has seen every facet of our lives dictated and controlled by the framework capitalism provides.
    You can see it on this forum all the time, an article about human misery is reduced to right wingers moaning about the cost (ie a reduction in profit) or they will emphasise their individual ability not to be effected (alienation caused by capitalism ), obsessions with consumerism and people defining their lives/identity by their sports team (a fetishism triggered by capitalism) are other examples. Really shoong your strength appears to be picking up other peoples faults yet it is clear you don't read much apart from this dirty right wing rag as jonny x so accurately defined it.
    he just a stalker peenut81 that as not learned how to think for him self and have an independant thought.
    You are both correct, of course. The internet does seem to attract the all the weirdos."
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Are unions running the council?

Are unions running the council?

Unison branch secretary Mike Tucker during a protest march last year.

Are unions running the council?

First published in News Daily Echo: Photograph of the Author by , Politics and business reporter

THEY helped Labour sweep to power in Southampton, now attend high level council meetings and cost the taxpayer £200,000 a year.

Opposition Tories say the trade unions are calling the shots and dictate policy in a “back door” takeover of the Civic Centre.

But the unions themselves insist their new influence at Southampton council is merely a return to good industrial relations.

The Daily Echo can reveal that since Labour was elected in May trade union representatives now attend the monthly top level meeting of the council’s management board made up of the chief executive and council directors.

They can also sit in on regular Cabinet member briefings with senior officers as well as officer decision- making meetings, all behind closed doors.

Tory group leader Councillor Royston Smith claims unions are now “dictating” policy and said it was time to slash council funding for union reps as the council goes out to consultation on its deepest ever budget cuts and record jobs losses.

Mike Tucker, branch secretary of the Unison union, the largest at the council, said the access was nothing new, but a “re-activation” of a series of consultative groups that came to an end under the previous four-year Tory administration.

He said the meetings were an opportunity to raise issues or discuss policy initiatives to “improve the way the council works and try to identify problems before they arise. It’s what happens with most employers.”

Mr Tucker said: “Despite what Royston Smith says we don’t run the council. We have the opportunity to influence decisions but it’s the full council that makes the policy decisions.”

He added union representatives met with council officers more often than with Labour council leaders.

“We are not meeting with the Labour administration on a daily or even weekly basis,” he said.

Yet trade unions were given a confidential copy of the budget a week before it was published and Unite, the union, breached a council embargo by an hour to release the headline details of the cuts.

Council leader Councillor Richard Williams refused to give even an early hint of the budget when quizzed by the city’s pensioners’ forum the same afternoon.

Cllr Smith said a preference for losing jobs over pay, keeping services in-house and being hostile to sharing services had all fed into Labour’s budget approach.

He added that the Labour leadership had little room for manoeuvre because of commitments made to the unions in the run-up to the local elections.

He pointed to a recent Cabinet paper on a new redeployment scheme as evidence of union influence.

It initially recommended consultation on the details with “staff and unions” but was amended to just “unions”. Nearly half of the council’s 4,000-strong workforce are not union members. Cllr Smith said the amendment gave unions greater power.

“We all go through the process of trying to get elected so we can further our own aims, but the unions have not bothered to do that. They have got Labour elected through their big election posters and publications and now they get to sit in on every meeting,” he said.

“The unions are a massive influence.

"They have put themselves in charge of running Southampton City Council by the back door.

“Labour are run by the unions which is a throwback to the dark old days of the 1970s.”

Unite branch secretary Mark Wood was unavailable for comment.

Council finance boss Councillor Simon Letts said: “Like all good employers it is sensible that the council consults with its workforce and staff representatives have been invited to attend briefings with cabinet members if they wish.

“We feel this approach to staff relations is better than the previous administration’s.

"Their approach left a million uncollected bin bags on the streets of Southampton and left us with the worst local council staff relations in the country.

"Due to the vast scale of Government cuts it is important that we work closely with staff and their representatives in these very difficult times.”

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