THE clock continues to tick. In less than one month’s time, on December 21, the Mayan calendar will reach its conclusion – a date that some believers say will spell the end of the world.

The countdown has prompted religious groups across the globe to prepare for doomsday – and Hollywood producers to create a blockbuster based on how the now infamous date might unfold.

And with D-Day looming the Daily Echo has launched its own unique countdown marking the beginning of the end.

Yesterday we urged readers to mark the 30-day barrier by learning a book from The Bible or by taking a trip to number 30 East Drive in Pontefract, a renowned haunted house.

As doomsday draws closer today we bring you the next entry into our bucket list, to help you make the most of earth’s final moments.

And what better way to spend those fear-fuelled days than by seeing a little bit more of the world.

With just 29 days to go until ‘Armageddon’, why not elope to one of two very different, but equally interesting, climes?

Why not take a trip to India, to dedicate each precious day to one of its 29 different states?

Marvel at its capital, Delhi, pay a visit to the Taj Mahal in Uttar Pradesh, or even soak up the atmosphere at one of the country’s cricket test matches against England, which conclude on December 17.

For those on a tighter budget, not that those valuable life savings will be of any use in four-and-a-half weeks time, the American state of Utah is divided perfectly into 29 counties, including Salt Lake County, home to Salt Lake City.

And to maintain the sporting theme, you could catch the state’s basketball team, Utah Jazz, at the EnergySolutions Arena.