A WINCHESTER man has been jailed after handling stolen goods after money was stolen from a charity tin in Winchester.

Neil Munkley, 30, denied two thefts of money from the boxes but admitted handling of £10 from a tin stolen by Kayleigh Rolfe in the Great Hall.

The two theft charges were dismissed.

Magistrates at Basingstoke jailed Munkley for seven days and for ten weeks for two breaches of suspended sentences.

In 2009 and 2010 Munkley, of Trussell Crescent, Weeke, was convicted of stealing money from collection tins at several places around Winchester including the cathedral.

Co-accused Kayleigh Rofe, 27, of Trussell Crescent, admitted stealing money from three charity boxes, in the Great Hall and twice at the Discovery Centre. Magistrates ordered her to be electronically tagged for a month.