A PARAMEDIC who attended a devastating drink-drive crash that killed a young Hampshire woman has spoken of the horrific scene she was confronted by.

Kate McDougall has warned others against the dangers of getting behind the wheel after boozing because of the impact it can have on lives.

Speaking as part of Hampshire police's Christmas Don't Get Smashed anti drink-drive campaign, she said she instantly feared the smash had caused serious injuries when she arrived on the scene of the horror smash last November.

A 23-year-old woman motorist, who was four times over the drink-drive limit, was killed when she hit a van.

The paramedic, who attended the woman and the injured van driver, said in a video released by police: “When you have these instances of drink driving it just causes devastation. It's so sad and can be avoided.

“It isn't something that should happen but unfortunately happens quite frequently.

“Part of my job is unfortunately having to declare that people are deceased and it's awful having to do it at a car accident, especially when alcohol is involved because is such a waste of life.”

The campaign is running until New Year's Day and will see officers out in force on the roads. The public is also being urged to text a dedicated number, 80999, if they suspect someone is drink-driving.

Officers arrested 17 people on suspicion of drink-driving in the first two days of the campaign that was launched at the start of December.

As previously reported, the father of the young woman killed in the drink-driving crash has given permission for his daughter's car to be shown around Hampshire to show the carnage caused by such incident.

The first police officer on the scene has also spoken about what he was greeted by as he arrived at the 'horrific' scene of the fatal accident.