A PERVERTED man will this week find out his fate from a court after being found guilty of spying on a woman while she took a bath.

Stephen Scriven leered through a window in his 21-year-old victim’s bathroom door and watched her as she bathed, Southampton Magistrates’ Court heard.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told how she became nervous as she got into the bath and saw a shadow fall across the door.

Scriven, 61, had visited the woman’s home a short time earlier, on June 16 this year, and had been drinking, the court was told.

The pair had previously been talking in the kitchen before the woman went into the bathroom, located off that room.

Giving evidence from behind a screen, the woman told how when she went into the bathroom and the conversation with Scriven continued for a while.

But then she started to hear “creaking noises” from the other side of the door and knew she was being watched.

She told the court: “I decided to cover myself up a bit with my hands. And then that’s when I saw him looking at me through the [bathroom] window.”

She described seeing his whole head and face peering at her through a window above the bathroom door. He had been standing on a stool to gain access to that window.

The woman added: “I don’t know how long the shadow had been there for. It was a good couple of minutes. That’s when I saw him.

“I was uncomfortable, I couldn’t stop crying. I felt I couldn’t have a bath in my own home.”

Scriven, from Cuckmere Lane, denied a charge of voyeurism. He claimed his victim could hear creaking noises because he was investigating a leak in the airing cupboard next door.

However, magistrates found him guilty and will now |sentence him on December |14.