A CRUNCH meeting is being held on board a bug-stricken cruise ship tonight before it docks into Southampton port tomorrow morning.

Passengers held a meeting on board the P&O Cruise ship Oriana today at 11am where a letter from the captain was read out.

Since the ship left Southampton earlier this month hundreds of people have been struck down with norovirus - a highly contagious vomiting and diarrhoea bug.

The letter was read out by a passenger on board because the captain did not encourage public gatherings and would not join the meeting.

He expressed his disappointment that the world's media had been informed about the situation on board.

Passenger Chris Meadows from Southampton was at the meeting.

“The captain has admitted at the height of the outbreak the crew could not cope. No official numbers of people affected was given.

“We had another show of hands of how many people were affected, which was filmed by many of the passengers that attended the meeting.

“Another passenger was informed that today, 89 cabins were undergoing additional sanitation procedures,” he said.

When the ship docks tomorrow morning it is expected to be in port for longer than usual to clean the ship more than usual.

Another meeting will be held at 6pm where the captain has promised to read out a statement.