A WINCHESTER shop manager may have given the greatest gift of all this Christmas – helping to save a life.

Wendy Winsall, manager of Your Life Your Style, donated her 50th pint of blood on Christmas Eve to the NHS.

Blood donations are used in treating a number of diseases like cancer and also in major surgeries.

Wendy, 55, has been giving blood since 1980 and said she was inspired to do it after receiving a blood transfusion herself when she was eight after suffering a haemorrhage when her tonsils were removed.

She said: “I will always remember having that transfusion and my time in hospital and so when I was older I wanted to do it. I then found out I had the rare Rh negative AB blood type and it seemed even more important to donate.

“The NHS say my blood is used in the special care baby unit which is great although I do it because it can help anyone. “I wanted to fit it in this year because it has been so good for the country and there is a special feel good factor. It’s a nice way to end 2012 and will hopefully make a nice present for someone.”

Wendy, who lives in Timsbury, near Romsey, was honoured by the NHS for her achievement, receiving an engraved pen and a certificate.