EMPLOYEES at Jessops in The Malls were told at 4pm today that they have all lost their jobs.

The six members of staff at the high-street camera chain were involved in a conference call this afternoon, in which they received the news that their jobs had been terminated, with immediate effect. The shop is now closed.

Jessops went into administration earlier this week and administrators PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) was appointed on January 9.

A member of staff at the store in The Malls, one of 192 across the UK, told The Gazette: “We have all been made redundant.”

He believes all 2,000 Jessops staff were given the same news today, and added: “I only started a couple of months ago. There was a conference call at 4pm and we were told 10 minutes later. The staff were surprised because we didn’t think it would be so quick. It’s been around a long time and we are the only high street camera chain. My understanding is that we were quite profitable. There was a little hope that we would be okay for a while.”