A SCHEME which aims to attract film crews to Hampshire by finding scenic locations, delivered an estimated £3m boost to the county’s economy in 2012.

Film Hampshire is part of Hampshire County Council’s economic development office, and offers a wide range of opportunities for film, broadcasting and advertising production companies, with more than 350 film locations, including 40 historic county houses, and 25 parks and forests.

Film Hampshire worked with the production company for Tom Hooper’s latest film adaption of Les Miserables, parts of which were filmed in Winchester College and Portsmouth Naval Base.

Other major productions filmed in the county include parts of Skyfall, World War Z, and Tom Cruise’s All you Need is Kill.

Television shows include BBC’s The Fixer and ITV’s Endeavour, Miss Marple and Dom Joly’s Fool Britannia, which was filmed in Festival Place, Basingstoke.

Councillor Ray Ellis, executive member for economic development and rural affairs at the county council, said: “I’m encouraged that we attracted £3m to Hampshire last year from the film industry.

“Among Hampshire’s great attractions are its outstanding historic buildings and stunning landscapes, which are in much demand.

“These figures for 2012 underline the important work that Hampshire County Council’s Film Hampshire is doing to strengthen our economy, as not only do production crews bring an immediate boost to hotels and restaurants but films, adverts and TV programmes showcase our beautiful countryside which in turn encourages more tourists to visit and stay.”