A SPRIGHTLY great-grandmother celebrated her 100th birthday with family, friends and a bit of a singalong.

Nellie Stein, who was born and raised in the East End of London, said that always looking on the bright side of life was behind her longevity.

She moved to Basingstoke in 1966 and worked for Basingstoke security printers McCorquodale, formerly Charles Skippers & East, until she was 65.

Her late husband Jim Stein passed away in 1980 and Mrs Stein lived independently in Townsend Close, Kings Furlong, Basingstoke, until October 2010.

She moved into Heather-side rest home, Nately Scures, at the age of 97 because of increasing problems with glaucoma. Her son James, 78, said: “If it wasn’t for her eyesight, she would still be living by herself and getting on very well.

“She is very independent and very lively. She really enjoys it here. She’s everyone’s friend”

Mrs Stein, who has two sons, three granddaughters and 10 great-grandchildren, celebrated her birthday at the home on Tuesday surrounded by around 50 of her nearest and dearest and said she had had a “really lovely day”. Asked about the secret of a long life, she said: “I think being a cockney and looking on the bright side, even when it seems like there isn’t a bright side.”

She sang along to her favourite tune – YMCA – before cutting a specially prepared cake. James said: “She loves a singalong and a dance and anything sporty. Fishing used to be her big hobby.”

Mrs Stein received a card from The Queen and a birthday card from the Department for Work and Pensions, which were displayed alongside dozens of other cards and gifts.