Best friends often stick together.

But two Southampton girls took it quite literally – by handcuffing themselves to each other for two days.

Chrissie Morris, 23, from Hanley Road in Shirley, and her friend Cat Blatchford, 23, from Grange Road in Netley Abbey, attached themselves together to raise money for the Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO).

The pair made the most of the cold weather and had a snowball fight handcuffed and also went swimming.

To make sure they didn’t escape from each other’s grasp, they always made sure they had witnesses to stop them from making an escape.

Chrissie said: “We wanted to do something that is a bit different, and it’s also a bit of comedy and fun.

“It was really fun, but I never realised how hard it would be.

“Little things like making a cup of tea could sometimes be tough.”

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