A WILDLIFE rescue charity raised £1,887 in less than a week to pay for a new water bird aviary.

HART Wildlife Rescue, based in Medstead, generated the funds through crowd funding website peoplefund.it, where members of the public can donate online in return for a gift from the charity, such as a certificate.

The money raised by HART will cater for the needs of abandoned ducklings.

Laura Martin, a trustee, said: “We are always open to new ways of fundraising and have been overwhelmed by the success of this initiative.”

The charity cares for sick, injured and abandoned wildlife in Hampshire and the surrounding counties.

As well as rescuing and rehabilitating animals, HART also offers advice to vets, the police, members of the public and RSPCA on wildlife care.

The number of casualties admitted each year is increasing, and the charity desperately needs to expand.

The work on the new water bird aviary will hopefully be in place before the seasonal influx of abandoned ducklings which arrive every spring.

Laura added: “We have been struggling to find space for all the casualties that have been brought to us.

“When we moved here in June 2010, the prospect of closing to new admissions was inconceivable but we were forced into this position for most of December due to an unprecedented level of sick hedgehogs.

“Thankfully, we now have the opportunity to expand and this is entirely due to the animal lovers who responded to our peoplefund.it appeal.”