CHURCH leaders have backed a nationwide campaign to end malnutrition and hunger in the world’s poorest countries.

The Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign is the largest coalition of its kind in the UK since Make Poverty History in 2005. Already it has the backing of Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Nobel Prize winner Desmond Tutu.

Now the Bishop of Winchester, the Rt Revd Tim Dakin, and the Bishop of Southampton Rt Revd Jonathan Frost have put their weight behind the campaign.

Bishop Tim said: “The world can produce enough for everyone, but millions still go hungry every day. As global citizens Christians are concerned about food-justice.

“We should press for action from our governments and work through voluntary organisations to address questions of land ownership and sustainable development.”

The campaign aims to put pressure on Prime Minister David Cameron and other G8 members to put an end to the main causes of hunger such as using agricultural land to grow food instead of bio fuels and the closing of loopholes that allow big companies to dodge tax in poor countries.