Police on the Isle of Wight are asking residents to take simple steps to protect their homes and property.

It comes after a series of burglaries where opportunist theivesexploited insecure doors in the Ryde, Bembridge and Sandown area.

Officers are investigating seven reports over the past two weeks.

In all cases cash left in view was stolen.

A Hamsphire Police spokesman issued advice to home owners.

You can protect your home and valuables by following these simple tips:

  • Always lock the door and close the windows when you go out, even if you'll only be out for a short time
  • Exterior doors, front and back, should be kept in good condition and if possible be fitted with a five-lever mortice deadlock and bolts at the top and bottom.
  • Easily accessible upstairs windows, every downstairs window and those which can't be seen from the street, should be fitted with key operated window locks High priced items such as jewellery, car keys and credit cards should be kept out of sight - Do not tempt the thief.
  • Sheds and garages are full of tools ideal for breaking into the rest of the house - never leave a garage or garden shed unlocked.