THE mum of tragic electrocution victim Jason May is still “angry” and calling for more information after his inquest.

Linda May vowed to find out more about her son’s death on the railway line after a coroner dismissed a witness account that a policeman trying to find him had followed him over a fence before he died on the live rail.

“Today was something we’ve been dreading and I’m still not happy,” said Linda, 48, from New Milton, afterwards.

“I’m angry. Alright he had been drinking but we all know what he was like when he was drunk and he wasn’t that stupid.”

At the inquest in Coroner Sheriff Payne said there was “all sorts of confusion” over witness accounts before recording a verdict that the 24-year-old died as a result of an accident on September 17 last year.

Witnesses told how the police had been called as Jason was seen drunkenly crossing the tracks at Christchurch train station before heading down Arthur Road.

Witness Paul Wayman had said in a statement that he looked out of his bedroom window and saw a policeman f o l l o w Jason over a garden fence and say “he’s on the tracks”.

But PC Matthew Silvey denied this, saying he remained in the garden.

The coroner said Mr Wayman was confused about the time and names that he had heard.

Jason’s girlfriend Jessica Down told the inquest she reported him missing after trying to phone him 30 times.

And his friend Ashley Satchelle said Jason hugged him and told him he loved him the last time he saw him on the night he died.

He said Jason was drinking and had money problems but suicide was ruled out.

Jason graduated with an accountancy degree and was working in telesales in Bournemouth when he died.

His family remained in New Milton but he had lived in Boscombe before moving to Malmesbury Park Road in the Charminster area of Bournemouth.

Jason had become a dad to a boy, Triyden, six months before his death but had not met his son.

Triyden’s mother Carly, 26, said afterwards: “I think if he had lived he would’ve got to know his son."

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