CHANGES are being introduced to restrict parking at a supermarket car park.

Tesco is to install a camera-controlled car park system at its Fareham store.

It is designed to make it easier for people to find spaces and stop people using it for parking in the town centre.

Up until now, the store car park has been free of charge for everyone and local council car parks and businesses have lost revenue in the past year.

An automatic number plate recognition system will capture all vehicles as they enter and leave the car park.

Customers will now be given a special parking voucher at the checkout with a code.

The regulations, which come into force on Monday, February 11, give two hours free parking for Tesco customers who spend £5 or more in the store, which includes Tesco Direct, the pharmacy and Costa Coffee.

A £70 fine will be issued for those parked for more than two hours or for non-Tesco customers who have not used a voucher code.