CONCERNS over a controversial Hampshire development have resurfaced after artist’s impressions went on public display.

Developer Cala Homes put on a public information day at Winchester’s Guildhall and presented a series of pictures showing how they expect the 2,000 homes at Barton Farm to look.

But a steady stream of concerned residents were worried about the re-routing of Andover Road and questioned whether Winchester could accommodate the amount of traffic the estate will bring.

The artist’s impressions also failed to impress the public.

Robert Wellbeloved, of Orchard Close, said: “They should have put a proper three-dimensional model on display – which is actually fairly common now – so we could really see what it will look like.”

Pensioner Tony Westlake, of Courtney Road, said: “These displays seem like a lot of froth and not much substance to me.”

Many visitors questioned whether the site will turn out as presented in the developer’s pictures.

Vera Bruty, retired, of Manningford Close, said: “This development will not be the way Cala say it is going to be. The one thing I think is really bad is that Barton Farm is going to be an island. It’s hemmed in and there is only one main road that leads out of it. I just cannot see how the people living on that island will get out.”

But a Cala spokesman said they were not necessarily at the stage when they had total plans for people to see. He said: “This is an overview of the outline consent that already exists.”

Work on the designs and the first phase is due to be completed by the end of 2013 and building should begin in early 2014, with the first homes ready by late 2014.

A council report said the scheme is due to take between ten and 15 years to complete.