NATS air traffic control, which has a base in Hampshire, has recorded record low delay figures for 2012. Passenger hold-ups caused by the organisation were at their lowest last year, averaging at just 1.6 seconds per flight. Figures revealed how 99.8 per cent of UK flights did not suffer any delays as a result of NATS air traffic control, which has headquarters at Whiteley. Those flights that were delayed – 3,495 during the year compared to 17,013 in 2011 – were only held up for an average of 15.9 minutes. Total UK flights in 2012 amounted to 2,144,397, a decrease of 1.3 per cent on the total for 2011. NATS managing director Martin Rolfe said: “The work we have done to drive delays down to these record low levels means it is extremely rare now for anyone flying in the UK to be held up as a result of NATS air traffic control. We will be maintaining the pressure in 2013 to keep air traffic control delays to a minimum and to ensure that the travelling public in the UK get the best possible service.”