THE Chandler family from Basingstoke are a family you can count on – and now they have an award to prove it.

The family were selected from hundreds of entries to win the ‘A family you can count on’ category at the annual Mother and Baby Big Heart Awards.

Victoria Chandler-Hobden, of Coates Close, Brighton Hill, nominated her family for the support they gave her during her pregnancy with twins Molly and Rose.

The former Brighton Hill Community School pupil had a tough pregnancy.

Just like the Duchess of Cambridge, Mrs Chandler-Hobden, 27, suffered from severe morning sickness, and at one stage had to be admitted to hospital after tearing her oesophagus.

Later on in her pregnancy, she had symphysis pubis dysfunction, which caused her excruciating pain, and spells of fainting and dizziness.

Her mother Liz Chandler, of The Harrow Way, Viables, became so concerned that she left her job as a part-time catering assistant to help her daughter.

Mrs Chandler-Hobden said: “I was not surprised when she left her work because she loves children, but it was very nice of her to do it.

“She would come in every day to maker sure I ate breakfast, and drove me around when I got too big to drive.”

Since she gave birth to the twins in May last year, she said all her family had been a great help, including husband Andy, her sister Sam and her father Bernard.

Sadly, the heavy snowfall that fell on January 18 meant that the family could not travel to the London Hilton, in Park Lane, London, to attend the ceremony, which was hosted by TV presenter Jenni Falconer.

The awards ceremony was supported by the Bliss charity, which provides help for premature and sick babies.

Miss Falconer, a mother-of-one, said: “It is heart-warming to know that when people have experienced real difficulties, their lives have been made more bearable through the help and support of others, and I was delighted to have helped celebrate these people and all that they do, at these wonderful awards.”