A MAN accused of murdering a drug dealer has denied he was jealous of his money and designer clothes.

Arben Lleshi said he wasn't envious that Agim Hoxha "had all the trimmings of success" and "money aplenty" through dealing cocaine in Southampton.

Jurors heard how the pair had at one stage lived together in an apartment in Ocean Village and together with Mr Hoxha's brother Aurel, they formed a team to sell the class A drug.

But within six months Arben had been kicked out by the pair who didn't want to work with a gambler who blew any money he had.

Giving evidence Arben denied that just days before the murder of Mr Hoxha, whose body was found inside his burnt out Mercedes in Chilworth Drove, Chilworth on April 10 last year, they had had a fight about cocaine and the debt he owed.

Ian Lawrie QC, defending Afrim Lleshi who is also accused of the murder, said: "You were jealous of his success, you wanted his drugs and you wanted his money."

Mr Lawrie went on to accuse Arben of making "a Freudian slip" while giving evidence and telling the court he had gone out to buy "petrol for the murder" before "quickly changing it to robbery" - words Arben denies saying at all.

The court was told by Mr Lawrie that on the day of the killing, Arben had himself ran out of cocaine and couldn't get any more "on tick" from Mr Hoxha because he had a drugs debt.

Arben Lleshi, 25, of Onslow Road, and Afrim Lleshi, 36, of Shirley Road, both deny murder. Arben denies a second charge of perverting the course of justice, a charge which Afrim has admitted.


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