THE Chief Constable has been in the job five days and has issued a series of pledges he hopes to keep while in his high profile new role.

They are:

  •   I want the people who work for Hampshire Constabulary and the public to say I was visible and accessible, that I listened.
  •  I want the people in the organisation to say I cared about them and developed leadership so they were well motivated, productive and delivered on their role to make a difference to the communities of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.
  • I want crime and antisocial behaviour to continue to fall
  •   I want us to be dynamic and responsive
  •   I would want partners to say we worked well with them to make things better for the public
  • I want people to be proud of Hampshire Constabulary and feel we do a good job
  • I want us to be recognised as one of the best forces in England and Wales