A HAMPSHIRE business is helping to get its employees into the right gear.

Business Phones Direct, based in Whiteley, has launched a new scheme this month aimed at helping staff to get on the road over concerns with their out-of-town location.

After reaching certain milestones in their career with the company, they will offer to pay for driving lessons and tests, make available a company car after initial training and an upgrade of the company car on promotion, which will be an Audi A3 or similar vehicle.

Parysa Hossenini-Sech, from the company, said: “Being based in Whiteley, it is a big challenge for non-drivers to make it to work or even be able to interview for a job with us because they know that realistically they will find it difficult to get here.

“We want to help people in the local community to get back into employment, not only by offering them a job, but by providing them with the means to get there.”