TEST Valley Borough Council has suspended action against Andover traders who display ‘A’ board advertisements in the town centre following last Friday’s Andover Advertiser front page story.

Council leader Ian Carr said: “I have seen some of the comments about the current action being taken by the council against shopkeepers for unauthorised advertisements, following a recent complaint.

“I recognise the need to uphold the law but I am worried that the current action may harm the vitality of Andover town centre.

“This is a subject which is particularly close to my heart having recently chaired the Andover Summit seeking ways to reinvigorate the town centre.

“I have, therefore, personally intervened and asked officers to suspend all current action in the town in relation to unauthorised advertising, which includes ‘A’ boards.”

Ray Bulpitt from Anna Valley who has been calling for a ‘town team’ initiative in Andover said: “A simple alternative would be for TVBC to provide ‘ladder display boards’ giving details (similar to those on the ‘A’ boards) for each retailer, strategically located, fully visible on the High Street and regularly maintained with up-to-date information.

“Until appropriate works are completed, retailers must be encouraged to put their ‘A’ boards back where potential customers can see them so as to restore their trade to acceptable levels.”