A CAMPAIGN has been launched to save a popular Southampton pub targeted in a £6,000 burglary.

The community has rallied round to support the Rockstone pub after a burglar was caught on camera stealing thousands of pounds from the safe.

Bosses at the Onslow Road pub said they won’t be sure of the true cost of the thief’s actions until the end of the month.

But tonight the campaign to help the pub steps up a gear with a fundraising gig called RockstoneAID. Organiser and pub regular, Stuart Blakeledge, said: “It was so frustrating being there but unable to do anything, and seeing how distressed Max and Aimee both were, I felt that I had to do something to help. “So when I got home I spoke to the other members of my bands ‘Bemis’ and ‘The Sweetchunks Band’ about putting on a show for free. “My band mates all agreed, so we started asking friends of the pub to come down and help their pub, not through charity, but through helping the pub help itself by doing what it does best; putting on a good night out.

“I’m not expecting to make the money back, I’m just hoping to make a dent into it and show Max and Aimee how much people genuinely care about them and their brilliant pub.”

Landlord Max Greenwood, said: “If we’d been robbed a week earlier for example, we wouldn’t have been able to pay any of the staff or our mortgage.”

“To put it in perspective, my wife and I earn £6,000 a year, so to lose £6,000 in one go is fairly tragic.”

He added: “From the very night we were robbed we have had support thrown at us from all directions.

“It was much appreciated and won’t be forgotten.

“It has truly made this whole experience worth it and we are so happy to be a part of The Bevois Valley Community.”