THE first thing you notice about Mauricio Pochettino's style is that it's very sharp, smart and very well put together.

He exudes a chic and classic yet understated look. His hair is well kempt and his overall attempt at grooming is tidy as well as pleasing to the eye.

There's an air of quality about his look and emulates the likes of his counterparts, Mourinho and Mancini, all of whom have a certain “European” style, which tends to be attractive, simplistic and elegant.

The fabrics he likes to wear are high quality and well cut to reflect his professionalism in this new role of Southampton FC manager.

In my experience most males in high powered or respected roles tend to wear high quality fabrics such as wools, silks, cashmere and structured cottons or linens, as this reflects their professionalism and significance that they can do the job. Football managers that have this style keep their look simple and modern.

Colours in general are dark and deep but there's also a strong contrast when suits are worn. For more formal and special occasions you'll see dark suits worn with crisp white shirts, as this reflects a type of uniform and seniority whilst giving them as well as their team and audiences complete confidence in their ability to achieve.

Wearing nice clothes in general gives us all that extra bit of confidence and it also helps us to feel good doing what we do. Wearing higher quality fabrics and a designer brand we aspire to will also help us feel more confident and worthy.

And how can the rest of us achieve his dapper look?

Men achieve this inner confidence and effortless style by ultimately knowing that they look attractive and feel comfortable in what they're wearing.

Opting for the right styles, trends and colours to suit their individuality and personality is key. Men that try too hard often don't get it right.