ROAD improvements to slow vehicles and increase accessibility for pedestrians in Kingsclere Road, Overton, are set to commence in March.

A combination of crossing points and the narrowing of roads with extra markings will aim to encourage traffic to slow down, creating a safer environment.

The main feature will be a road narrowing by the entrance to a footpath used to access the local school, which will give priority to traffic leaving the village centre.

Overton Parish Council chairman Tom Ridler said: “Kingsclere Road is part of the ‘Village 30’ initiative, but sadly many drivers continue to speed excessively.

“The road is used by parents walking their children to school and the parish council is concerned for their safety and the local environment.

“It hopes that these measures will improve both.”

The works will also improve pedestrian facilities at the Berrydown Crossroads, through the addition of an informal crossing point there, and will extend the virtual footway on Red Lion Lane from the entrance of the Edward Kersley Playing Fields up to the junction with Greyhound Lane.

Plans are available to view on the HCC website at


htm and by following the links related to the works.