A Winchester student went on a rampage of criminal damage attacking cars in the city centre.

Christian Hatahintwali, 23, of Queens Road, admitted five counts of criminal damage, against a BMW motorbike and four cars, in the St Thomas Street area on November 24.

The damage to the motorbike was estimated at £1,876.91. Damage to two of the four other cars was estimated at £488, Basingstoke Magistrates’ Court was told. Magistrates ordered Hatahintwali to do 170 hours community service and pay a victim surcharge of £60 and costs of £50.

He was also ordered to pay compensation of £100 to Paul Kenwood, of St Thomas Street; and £50 to the car owners: Piers Burtlin, of London; Eurocar; William Gubbins, of St Thomas Street and Josephine Conac, of Southgate Street.

Another man, Richard Stone, 21, of Queens Road, West Hill, who had been charged with the same offences had the allegations dropped. Magistrates ordered he be paid £10 to cover his costs from central funds.