POWER to all properties affected by a power cut in Eastleigh should now have been restored.

Shops suffered another blackout, again affecting around 60 properties, this morning, but engineers were said to have re-routed all affected customers to a different part of the network by 2.30pm.

The electricity provider said this was a separate issue to a power cut yesterday and was caused by a fault on an underground cable network supplying Market Street and High Street, which affected that area.

UKIP headquarters reported power problems this morning and other businesses appeared to be closed on Leigh Road and Market Street - some have signs referring to a power cut 'again'.

This follows a six-hour power cut yesterday on the same roads after a fire at a substation between Leo Leisure Bingo hall and Sainsbury's, on Leigh Road.

A spokesperson for Southern Electric Power Distribution would not comment on whether yesterday's repairs had had any impact on the latest problem, but said the company would be conducted a full investigation into both incidents.

Repairs will have to be done at a later date to the faulty cable, but a spokesman said this should not cause further inconvenience.

“We do apologise to the customers for the annoyance and inconvenience,” he added.