MEET the multi-talented pooch who is paw-fect at doing tricks.

Four-year-old Jack Russell DD not only whizzes around on a skateboard, but also whispers and barks on demand and poses like a meerkat.

The musical mutt can also play a keyboard – even though she was born deaf.

Proud owner Charley Wilcock, 26, from Hedge End, taught the dog tricks through sign language.

Now DD is part of the Fair Oak dog training clubs’ display team, which plays at family fun days across Hampshire.

When Charley got DD as a puppy, she had no idea the clever canine was deaf until the day she brought her home.

But with the help of the Deaf Dog Network she has been able to teach the Jack Russell to be an obedient dog – and a star performer.

Charley, who works as a freelance animator in Southampton, said: “DD is so talented, I have had to teach her everything through body language.

“If I was more confident I would enter her for dog agility competitions.”

Charley feels that deaf dogs are often overlooked by breeders.

Now Charley wants to show that dogs with disabilities can show off their skills just as well as able dogs by setting up a dog display team in Hampshire, which Charley dreams could go to dog shows like Crufts as the first disabled dog display team.

She explained how despite a dog’s disability, they are talented enough to do anything.

She said: “Training a deaf dog is not any harder than training a dog that can hear.

“If anything you do not have the sound to distract them.

“It is not a miracle that DD can do tricks – if you have some tricks and some time then you can train your dog to do anything.”

l If anyone has a pet dog with a disability and is interested in being part of a disabled display team, please contact Charley on 07792 376226 or email