AN unrepentant care home manager likened to Adolf Hitler by colleagues has been thrown out of nursing for allowing an elderly patient to choke to death.

Anne Taylor failed to call an ambulance for Ella Davidson, 94, at St Cross Grange in Winchester in 2009 despite the hospital being just five minutes away, then quipped: “She’ll be dead before they get here anyway”.

Taylor, the only first aider at the care home, did not bother to start resuscitation attempts and was overheard telling a colleague: “I think I’m in trouble now” after Ms Davidson was pronounced dead.

A Nursing and Midwifery Council misconduct hearing found Taylor had shown no remorse for her actions and would put patients at risk again if allowed to work as a nurse.

Chairman Paul Morris said: “Mrs Taylor’s failings were of a serious nature and her misconduct was at the high end of the spectrum.

“Calling emergency services, summoning medical help and attempting to give life-saving care to a patient are reasonable expectations of a registered nurse. She failed in her duty of care towards the patient.”

Care assistant Veronica Westcott told the misconduct hearing of Taylor’s tyrannical reign at the care home.

Ms Westcott said: “She was looked upon as a bit of a Hitler by everyone in the home because she wanted everything to be her own way.”

In a statement the home’s owner, Greensleeves Homes Trust, said it deeply regretted the distressing circumstances of the death. After an internal inquiry Taylor was sacked.

It said: “We have reminded senior staff at all our homes that it is vital to call an ambulance in the case of sudden or unexpected collapse of a resident.

“Our investigation found that our policy on this matter was both understood and being followed in all our homes, so that this incident was a single lapse in our agreed processes.”