WHEN it comes to slapstick, Southampton’s Crazy M has reached the pinnacle of the big top – scooping a prestigious international clowning award.

Despite juggling her performances with motherhood, Crazy M and her family of clowns has won the Clowning International Award for Best Parade Prop Gag.

During the annual clowning convention, the family from Bitterne showcased their slapstick skills and proved that they were the “mane” event, with their topical routine based on the horsemeat scandal.

Armed with red noses and wacky hats, the funny fivesome took to the streets of Bognor Regis in West Sussex for the parade in their clown car, offering the crowds their “three-horse” meal.

As Crazy M entertained families with her horsey gags along the route, her trainee clowns, daughter Demi, aged seven, four-month-old son Alfie and neighbours Joe and Annie Mayo, held out dishes for the starter, dessert and “mane” meals, which consisted of a cuddly horse.

It certainly hit all the right funny bones, with judge Clown Bluey bestowing the special honour on the group after seeing the great reaction they got from the crowds.

Having not won an award for ten years, their success was a big shock, especially as it was Crazy M’s first outing since taking maternity leave to have her second child.

Crazy M, who has regularly featured in the Daily Echo during her 18 years of clowning around, said: “I had to think of something humorous and topical without offending anyone and our jokes about the horsemeat scandal certainly seemed to entertain the crowds.

“I was shocked to win the award because it is quite an achievement in clowning circles. It has taken me a while to come back down to reality.

“It was just lovely to go away with my little clown family and do what I love. Clowning is in my heart, as is being a mother, so it was great to combine the two.

“Having been on maternity leave I was worried I might have lost Crazy M after having a baby but this just showed me that I still have the energy and enthusiasm for it. I love my job and Crazy M will be back.”