IT WAS a speech that gained the respect and applause from hundreds of teachers across the country.

But surprisingly it was given by two Hampshire students aged just 15 at the National Union of Teachers conference.

Millie Wells and Sam Whittingham from Ringwood School were the first ever Young Ambassadors to gain a standing ovation. They spoke about how children abroad have the same rights to education as young people in the UK.

The cause is close to both of their hearts, as they visited India as part of the Send My Friend to School Campaign where they witnessed the inequalities of education facing children in India.

The Send My Friend to School campaign aims to get thousands of children across the UK to speak up for the right to education and remind world leaders of their promise that all children should get their chance to go to school.

Speaking after the conference, Millie, 15, said: “We hope the teachers gained a different perspective on teaching and the challenges facing some education systems abroad. The audience at the conference were really engaged with what we were saying and we hope they will sign their schools up to the campaign.”