SUMMER at Southampton Solent University is the time to celebrate the achievements of students concluding their degrees.

A selection of student work from the 2013 degree shows is taking centre stage at Solent Showcase, the university’s exhibition space in Guildhall Square until August 17.

The Southampton Solent University 2013 Degree Show selection includes an eclectic mix of artworks by graduates from the BA (Hons) fashion with photography, fashion styling, fashion promotion and communication, fine art, graphic design, illustration, make-up and hair design and photography courses.

Fine art students Amber Hodge and Mona Kowalczyk ask serious philosophical questions in their artwork such as: Who are we? What is the nature of time? What is family?

Their findings can be seen in their work on display.

Fine art student Sam Webster has used a diverse range of mediums to create a stunning installation from magnetism, electronics and computer-aided design.

Sam built his own magnets and used an oil and iron mix that is used in aircrafts and speakers. Using pulse width modulation and oscillating digital signals to stimulate the continuous movement, the piece has an almost hypnotic effect.

The photography exhibits showcase gravity-defying artwork by Amy Velleman and a piece examining how particular communities function from Sophie Bronze.

In illustration and graphic design some startling and macabre images have been generated by graduating artists.

The exhibition features more than 30 artworks. The gallery is in Sir James Matthews Building, Above Bar.