A HOUSING estate in Southampton is resembling a disaster zone today after last night's storm ripped the roof off a block of flats.

Tarmac sheeting, timber and polystyrene blocks are littering a pathway outside a three-storey block in Benhams Road, Townhill, after a section of the roof crashed to the ground during fierce winds and lashing rain.

The structure, covering three flats, was torn off shortly before 8.30pm as the storm struck the county, leaving a trail of chaos in its wake.

Southampton City Council contractors have erected metal hoardings around the wreckage but a section of roof on top of the three-storey block is still hanging off.

Mum of three Mikhala Forbes who lives on the first floor was assessing the damage today.

She initially heard the thunder but was only alerted about the damage when her friend living in a neighbouring block telephoned her.

Mikhala, 29, said: “She told me part of the roof was on the floor . I looked out and I couldn't believe it.

Daily Echo:

Mikhala Forbes

“The roof was on the ground with loads of timber and polystyrene around it.

“It was like a disaster zone.”

Her three children Paige, five, Jayden, three, and Logan, ten months, slept through the drama but she said: ““It was really scary - the rain was hammering down and the wind was so strong the trees were bending over to the side severely.

“I've been here 26 years and I've never seen anything like this.”

“It's just lucky no one was walking underneath it.

“But the other part is still hanging off now and we worry that if there's another strong gust of wind it will rip it off.

Noone was hurt and it is believed all residents were able to remain in their flats throughout.