“WE want her back safe and sound”.

Those are the words of the owners of this German Shepherd, which went missing following a crash on a busy Hampshire motorway.

Debbie and Mike Wright have been frantically searching for five-year-old Sapphire since the incident on the M27 near Eastleigh on Sunday morning.

Mr Wright was driving back to Cornwall with Sapphire and their two other dogs when he was involved in a collision with another car at around 9.40am.

He ended up in the central reservation and the back window smashed, causing all three dogs to escape from the car.

A Pyrenees Mountain Dog and a Cocker Spaniel were retrieved, but Sapphire fled down the motorway and hasn't been seen since.

There have been sightings of a similar dog near McDonald's in Stoneham Lane and Southampton Crematorium but Sapphire remains missing.

The couple, who moved from Southampton to Cornwall three weeks ago, returned to the city to celebrate Mr Wright's retirement at a party on Friday.

They have been scouring fields next to the motorway but to no avail.

Mrs Wright told the Daily Echo: “A car went into Mike on the motorway and he ended up in the central reservation.

“All three dogs shot out but Sapphire was too quick and shot up the motorway.

“We are both shaken up. Mike seems to have whiplash but he's just in shock with what happened.

“Sapphire can be very protective of us from other dogs. She wouldn't do any damage but she would tell them to get away.

“We cannot fathom where she would go. She wouldn't search out people to look after her.”

Mr Wright added: “I am gutted because I was driving at the time - I had the accident.

“We want her back safe and sound.”

If anyone has seen Sapphire or has information on her whereabouts, contact Hampshire Constabulary on 101.