WORK is set to start on enhancing a Hampshire nature reserve next week.

Restoration work at Tadburn Meadows reserve in Romsey includes coppicing of alder and willow trees.

Test Valley’s countryside officer Boyce Jeffery explained more about the scheme.

“As part of the project, some of the willow and alder trees will be cut close to ground level.

“This traditional woodland management technique, known as coppicing, helps prolong the life of the trees as it prevents them growing too large and splitting due to the weight of trunk and branches,” said Boyce.

He added: “The work is carried out every ten to 20 years and increases the amount of light reaching the ground, which benefits animals, plants and insects.”

Tree works will also be carried along the banks of the Tadburn Stream in a bid to let more light into the watercourse.

The reserve is home to some of Britain’s best loved birds, animal and plant species. This includes green woodpecker and kingfisher, water voles and common spotted orchids.