SOBERTON has a new musical group that is looking to make a roaring start.

Organiser Beverly Lambert said the ukulele is enjoying a resurgence and since moving to the area she has been keen to ride that wave of popularity.

“There is a big club in Southampton and one in Portsmouth, but I wanted something a bit smaller where a few people could get together and have a few drinks and play,” she said.

Beverley plays, but said the majority of the 22 people who have registered an interest have no playing experience.

So what’s the appeal?

“The whole culture around the ukulele is a fun culture and it’s relatively easy to learn to play, there are only a few strings. It’s an instrument that’s growing in appeal,” she said.

The Soberton Ukulele Club will meet at the White Lion pub on School Hill for two hours for fun, strumming and banter on January 13 at 7.30pm.

Call Beverly Lambert on 01489 878569, or just turn up on the day. Please bring a ukulele if you have one since there are no spares at present.